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Timeshare Travel Discounts are available if you just do a little bit of searching around both online and off. Most vacationers are under the impression that they must own a timeshare in order to have the privilege of traveling to a timeshare property. That just isn’t so. Anyone can enjoy timeshare travel discounts simply by doing a little bit of research on the internet.

For example, the avid timeshare traveler may not be aware that they can find timeshare weeks for rent on Ebay. In fact, eBay is one of the leading sources of competitive timeshare property listings of timeshare travel discounts. All one has to do to find these discounts is to first, sign up and join Ebay. It’s free and eBay walks you through it step by step! Once you join, you need to login to your account, find the search bar and type in timeshares. You may want to also choose the category as travel. That will filter out other unrelated travel items.

You don’t need to do that though to find timeshare travel discounts. You may find other interesting results related to timeshare discounts. If you know that you want to travel to Cancun for example, just type in Cancun timeshares or discount Cancun travel. That narrows your search even more. If you have any other country in mind, just substitute the word Cancun for whatever area of the world you have an interest in, ie. Cabo San Lucas, Bahamas, etc.

Once you click on the search button, all of the timeshare travel discounts related to your request will show up on the screen. Take your time to browse through these and read very very carefully. If you see a week in Cancun for $139, what that really means is that a timeshare owner will allow you to use his or her membership week but you will still have to pay the all inclusive fees. Those are usually $1,000-$4,000 for the week on top of the $139. If you try to book the same week yourself though, unless the timeshare property is running a special, you will pay more. It’s always wise to check out what eBay has to offer and compare it to what you normally would have to pay. Most of the times eBay is less expensive.

Another excellent option, especially if you like to travel worldwide and more than one time per year is a travel membership club. One such membership club that offers significant timeshare travel discounts to four and five star resorts, along with discount cruises and discount airfare is a company called Global Resorts or GRN. After researching many travel vacation clubs, this one came out on top because GRN houses most of the other membership clubs on their own site as well.

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