Travel Discount Tips

Are you a fan for traveling, but always consider that this is a quite expensive pleasure? Have you ever thought of the opportunity of finding travel discounts for your vacation and your desire for traveling? This can require some effort, but in the end it will worth all the trouble. There are discounts available for hotels, airfares, as well as car rentals if you know where to look.

The following tips will allow you cut some costs for the next time you take your trip:

1. Do some price comparison shopping before reaching to book your flight. Look for the cheapest alternatives online, at the airline and travel aggregator websites. There are regular discounts that airlines offer for their potential customers and thus you will be able to locate one that suits your needs.

2. You can also register with travel agencies and look for the newsletters they send to your email address, locate the destination of interest and see if this location comes as a travel discount.

3. Check to see if discounts are available for online bookings, versus booking over the phone or at a travel agency. This discounts apply to both airfares and hotels.

4. You should inquire on multi-leg flights, as you will sometimes be able to get better prices than direct flights. The layover in another city may only take an hour, but the savings can be hundreds of dollars. Many people are able to save a lot of money, and then use the savings on other components of their trip.

5. Look for package deals that incorporate your dream vacation. Finding packages that combine hotel and airfare in a single offer often proves to be far more suitable than the buying them separately.

6. Another tip would be to choose destinations that have low costs of daily living. For instance, the Philippines, Malaysia and many Central American countries are quite inexpensive destinations to travel to, yet at the same time have many beautiful beaches comparable to more expensive destinations.

7. Once you have already booked your discount travel, think of ways to save money with your daily meals and activities. You can choose to buy food in local markets and cook meals by yourself, instead of choosing to go out and eat at more expensive restaurants.

8. Consider going without a car rental. Local transportation is often prevalent in vacation destinations, and a pricey car rental is often not necessary for your full trip.

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3 Tips to Avoid Discount Vouchers That Don’t Deliver While Seeking Travel Discounts!

With discount travel scams now being done over the phone to nearly everyone, many people are weary of legitimate discount travel programs. But there is no need to fear, there really are legitimate travel voucher programs. You just need to be cautious, do your research, and learn what a legitimate travel program looks like. These three tips will help you avoid discount travel scams when shopping for travel!

1. Does the travel program offer more locations? Many scams only offer travel within the continental US, because they have no international credibility, and cannot connect with major hotel chains. Legitimate discount travel clubs will have connections with major multi-national chains like Hilton, Best Western and others, so they will be able to offer travel to any chain location from around the world. Avoid companies that only offer travel within the US, because besides the complete lack of flexibility they offer, they are typically not legitimate.

2. Any good travel program will offer information on how to redeem the packages with your order. They will typically offer at least a guide, if not step by step videos. If the travel program in question does not offer any instructions on how to redeem your vouchers, chances are they are not legitimate companies.

3. Transferability is key! Real travel discounts will allow you to transfer the vouchers to anyone. That way you can invite family and friends to come on your trip with you for a discount. Many travel programs will offer up to 40 discounted trips per year, and no one could possibly ever travel that much. You want to make sure that all of the discounts are transferrable, so that you can enjoy trips with family and friends, and that your discounts don’t go to waste.

One of the best sources for real, reliable travel discount programs are actually network marketing programs. While you don’t have to participate in the actual network marketing, you can purchase travel discount packages from people within the program that are better than most that are offered by travel agencies. And of course, there is never any obligation to become a network marketer, although once people see the quality of the product many of them choose to participate anyhow!

There are real travel discount vouchers, you just need to know what a legitimate company looks like. These tips should help you avoid the common scams!

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